Monday, 6 June 2016

Back With Vengance

Photo By Ben Van de Wouw (

You thought you heard the last of me, but I'm back and here to stay. Been away from the blogging world to kind of finish reality and teenager years by focusing long and hard with college and my future, even doubting myself with blogging but I am ready to come back and I am thinking huge.

Notice anything different? Yeah a new name to really get myself out there and what actually says about myself, (more than my actual name) 'PETITEFROCHIC'. If you split up the name, you'll notice three words, petite-fro-chic which has obvious reasons why it relates could relate to me; petite as if you've viewed me before I am only 5ft 1 but growing ever so slightly so I'm doing it for the small girls, fro as if "afro"for hairstyle and chic to basically round off my style.

Coming towards the end of my course of media has made me realise I love being practical with cameras so I have plans you should all be excited about. Trying to mix up the game of blogging I will publishing personal work in form of photography and video. Sure bloggers do it already but I want to be artistic, if it's small lookbooks for each outfit posts, 'day in the life', or something I've come to love watching and doing recently montages that could have meaning or not. There will be FEWER lifestlye posts, but more of a visionary perspective, that is what I plan to do with my blog.

I cannot promise consistently, I will forever lack that but my excuse is that I gotta live young whilst I can with under a month until I am 18 and preparing for independent years to come with university ahead (which I will update, I will be taking International Fashion Promotion and Manchester Metropolitan in September). So I'll never leave the fashion side, I'll be more indulged into it. 

Now, onto world domination and let the era of PETITE FRO CHIC begin..

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