Thursday, 7 January 2016


First post of the New Year so I begin by saying, Happy New Years to you all, I hope you are ready for the new year like I am. Not gonna make my expectations high but it will be the best year of my life (as I say every year) but it will be the biggest as I'll be becoming an adult and becoming more dependant and hopefully be travelling and doing everything I want to do. So let's get on with the first post of the
I am very cautious when it comes to bodycon clothing, anything tight to my belly makes me feel uncomfortable, especially after devouring that christmas dinner: however my body confidence has gone up the slightest bit and I have said f*ck it and flaunt it. With that said, I discovered how midi length skirts can flatter your height and your figure in many ways I have gotten a little thing with them and the collection is slowly growing. I like to style them for myself with something baggy on top or tucked in. This oversized knit does the trick with this gorgeous faux suede midi skirt just coming up to my knees.
// Skirt: Missguided // Jumper: New Look // Boots: New Look//

x toni x

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