Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inspiration | Who, Where & Why

As a lover of fashion and experimenting I do enjoy observing other people's way of styling themselves and it really brings inspiration on how I style myself. This can be from scrolling endlessly on social media sites, looking at other bloggers and celebrities and even seeing people on the street when in town; I honestly wouldn't hold back asking there certain pieces of their outfit is from or even complimenting them. So on this post I feel I should share some of by style icons ands where I find my inspirations.

Samantha Maria -
Definitely one of my favourite bloggers and probably the one blogger who actually got me into blogging, formally known as 'BeautyCrush' Sammi has her own individual style that I love and personally is similar to mine. She inspires me so much as she's petite like me, same-ish skin colour and isn't afraid to test the waters of her style. I've watched her on YouTube for so long and she always helps and motivates me with so much and I have always loved her videos, total style icon to me.
Yanin Namsonthi -
Another one of my favourite bloggers with a particular style I love, I wouldn't know what I could categorise it as but it's just hella cool and edgy. It's the complete opposite of girly, it's involves very minimal pieces and she has such a different vision of how to style them, like her outfit choices I wouldn't think about combining them together but she makes it work with like everything it gives me such inspiration of trying different stuff out.

My god, this girl SLAYS at pretty much everything, if you follow me on Instagram or any social media you may know I am a hue fan of this lady, her red carpet looks are always amazing she isn't afraid to try new things out with her look if that's with her hair or her fashion, she is definetly one of my top style icons.
Kylie Jenner
You cannot deny how incredible this woman's style is, I've liked her from her early teens, but the older she's gets the more stylish and bolder her fashion is going. I love her street luxe style she goes for probably the most but if I'd love to share styling tips from her, maybe just her wardrobe whilst I'm at it.

Social Networking Sites
Media is the perfect way to get inspiration for clothing without completely stealing someone's style. My main three forms of social media I use for inspiration is Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest; Instagram is great to see a range of people's style with clicking on hashtags and following style profiles. Tumblr is great if you follow the right people if you're looking for inspiration, I go on archive mode and my screen is full of so much fashion I just reblog everything I like but it's mainly fashion base and everything I reblog is based on the fashion. Pinterest is also just as good as both of them put together, I have a board full of inspiration and I mainly use it if I got a new piece and don't know how to style it, that is the perfect way, you'll see as well on my style posts I make little mood boards at the bottom of my posts.

Hopefully by reading this you may have in common some of the style icons I look up to as your own, found some new people to take tips of their style for and find new ways of accessing fashion. Who are your style icons?

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