Tuesday, 12 January 2016

First Time For Everything

As a young and fairly new blogger, I've still been awaiting for any opportunity to really put myself out there and I had my chance recently. I got asked by my local television station if they could interview me talking about my blog and the current Christmas trends, literally I never felt so happy about being sited with this opportunity I had to take it. It was my first ever interview and I wasn't as nervous until I was informed it was being aired on the county freeview station that very night, but however I go through it and talked so much me and the presenter nearly got into over time.

As obviously not everyone has freeview or knew about it so I am happy to share my interview with you all now, I think my nerves got the better of me and you can tell in my body language but you got to keep in mind it's my first ever time doing something like this and you got to start of somewhere to get the hang of it. It was an amazing experience however and the other two girls Sarah ans Patty were fabulous.

Would like to thank That's Lancashire for this one more time and I really hope you'd invite me again for any other fashion talks.

(May not be so relevant since this was filmed back in December but do watch and enjoy)
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