Saturday, 9 January 2016

1 Year of Blogging

I actually can't believe it has been a year of blogging for me, wow. I remember the days before I began telling my friends that I am going to make a blog, giving them the URL to my first introduction post. It shows how time flies and this is time just to reminisce about what's happened throughout.

I came into blogging lost and very cautious of what over people would think of me doing something like this but now I feel like I've gained so much confidence and want to explore deeper into the world of blogging. I remember when I was showing samples of clothes I've make and contemplating starting a small business, now there isn't time to make clothes but doesn't mean I'm completely stopped at that, just need to get into the rhythm and who knows maybe DIY with Toni will be making a comeback. Instead of me listing out small things lets play a game of Q&A with myself to see what's the perks and best things so far and what is there to see in the future of my fashion blog.

So what has been the best thing about blogging this year?
That has to be  getting the confidence to finally express myself to everyone. Corny I know but I've experimented more with fashion and found an identity and a personal style within my blog.

What has been something you wish to improve in your blog?
Easy, being consistant. I wish I blogged more over the years, my drafts have been crazy and I've let them stay because of time not to take photos or bloggers block. However I feel like that will change within my upcoming year of blogging.

Favourite & enjoyable post I've done?
There are a few, I personally enjoyed creating the Royal Ascot x Farfetch post as it was a great collaboration and personally had fun creating the looks. My favourite outfit post may have to be the Pink Yeti, new hair and the coat is my favorutie thing ever.

Are you thinking of rebranding yourself this year?
Personally yes, I want a name for myself by actually coming up with a new blog name instead of my name, so far I have PETITEAFCHIC which highlights the fact I am a small girl the 'AF' for my Afro (which is still currently hibernating) and chic is just to show a part of my style, also it roles of the tongue well. However I don't know what else it could be so that's currently on the drawing board.

Are you thinking of changing the style of your blog a little bit?
Most definitely, I want to improve the layout of my blog make it more professional, I'm thinking investing into a layout or even finding someone to help create myself mown personal layout. I want to also incorporate more travel and photography's posts as well and even more beauty but I will have to see what happens in the rest of the year.

What's the next big thing for you?
I have seriously been debating with creating a YouTube, I enjoy filming and editing a lot so I may se that to my advantage. I've been told I'll be good with it as well with all my enthusiasm but I know my speech is terrible but that could be something I can work on if I go in with it, also I got a new camera which will be good for vlogging so the odds are strong. 

So happy 1st birthday to my blog, I hope it grows and becomes successful and I hope you all are as excited for what's to come just like myself.

x toni x

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