Wednesday, 22 June 2016


The beginning of my photography series on my blog, what better way to start than with my first roll of film. I tested out my new point and shoot camera a couple of weeks back as I explored around Northern Quarter in Manchester & Didsbury. If you want to see more of my photography, feel free to check out my portfolio along with my films...

Friday, 10 June 2016

Neat Pleats

Photos by: Will Steiner (
New Look Jumpsuit // Adidas Superstars // Thrifted Denim Jacket

Pleats have become noticeable trend this summer, fine pleats, thick pleats, tops, trousers you name it you probably can get it pleated. I own a few pleated clothing myself, something I really like about them, they're extremely versatile and can be worn in a range of ways; this jumpsuit is completely able to be worn more formally with strappy heels and some jewellery. This black, simple pleated jumpsuit I've styled for an everyday casual look - PETITE STYLING TIP: If you buy a jumpsuit and it's still a little long at the leg, for a casual oversized look tuck the front into your trainers and a slightly bigger jacket, unless otherwise wear footwear with a little platform.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Monochrome Victorian

Photos by: Will Steiner (
Topshop Lace Top // Topshop Black Shorts // Topshop Boots @ Victoria's Vault

Sun has been very kind to Preston letting me expose some skin. Shorts were an option, which is actually rare for the UK. This outfit brings out some elegance with this statement lace blouse that has been beautifully crafted with detail from the neckline, cuffs and lace pattern of the top. The top is a little cropped so high waisted shorts were my option of styling, with the whipstitch details along the side making this emsemble a very high fashion outfit for the summer days.
I would like to give the owner from Victoria's Vault in Preston a shoutout for actually recommending me the top for the shorts.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Mint & Cream

Photos by: Will Steiner (
New Look Top (similar linked) //  Depop Culottes (similar linked) // New Look Sandals

Starting off the relaunch with a summery look, incorporating bright colours and styles. Something I come to love is culottes and adding a white into my ever growing collection, it is a perfect item for summer. STYLING TIP: if you ever get a pair and struggling how to style culottes, try and make it balanced for example a longer bagger pair of culottes could be teamed with a tight small top. Especially for petite girls you don't want to be drowned out with too many oversize clothing. This season on the trend forecast the colour mint came up a lot and this pleated top screams SS16, the two compliment each other extremely well in colour and style and with a pair of ghillie sandals, it makes way for a good summer look.

Back With Vengance

Photo By Ben Van de Wouw (

You thought you heard the last of me, but I'm back and here to stay. Been away from the blogging world to kind of finish reality and teenager years by focusing long and hard with college and my future, even doubting myself with blogging but I am ready to come back and I am thinking huge.

Notice anything different? Yeah a new name to really get myself out there and what actually says about myself, (more than my actual name) 'PETITEFROCHIC'. If you split up the name, you'll notice three words, petite-fro-chic which has obvious reasons why it relates could relate to me; petite as if you've viewed me before I am only 5ft 1 but growing ever so slightly so I'm doing it for the small girls, fro as if "afro"for hairstyle and chic to basically round off my style.

Coming towards the end of my course of media has made me realise I love being practical with cameras so I have plans you should all be excited about. Trying to mix up the game of blogging I will publishing personal work in form of photography and video. Sure bloggers do it already but I want to be artistic, if it's small lookbooks for each outfit posts, 'day in the life', or something I've come to love watching and doing recently montages that could have meaning or not. There will be FEWER lifestlye posts, but more of a visionary perspective, that is what I plan to do with my blog.

I cannot promise consistently, I will forever lack that but my excuse is that I gotta live young whilst I can with under a month until I am 18 and preparing for independent years to come with university ahead (which I will update, I will be taking International Fashion Promotion and Manchester Metropolitan in September). So I'll never leave the fashion side, I'll be more indulged into it. 

Now, onto world domination and let the era of PETITE FRO CHIC begin..

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

One Hour Photo

I was flattered to be contacted by Alex Bevington who wanted to shoot with me, he's a photographer based up north and his work is amazing I have to say, I really do love film photography just as much (maybe even more) than digital. We had a good day exploring around Lancaster and we got some really good shots, I've never really shot with a photographer before and for someone who was so lovely and have a real passionate in film photography it was such a pleasure to do this, (we're currently on talk on future shoots together and I cannot wait for them). Something about film photography which is tense is you can't see the final outcome until they're developed; however there is some excitement about it because you won't know what you're going to get. One of my favourite things about the photos are the light leaks within, some may say it ruins the photos however it's beautiful how they come out. Shot on Canon A-1
In our shoot, I was also with Lily from  JoliHouse, it was a short stay as she was shooting with Alex earlier but we did end up having a few snaps together before she left us.
In terms of my outfit, first of all, HEELS AND COBBLE STONES ARE A HUGE NO; but the outfit was mainly based about the pants which I got back in the Christmas sale in Zara, these pants are good for a casual smart look and styling them with a turtle neck and my longline will coat works makes this such a lovely smart look.
// Top: New Look // Trousers: Zara // Coat: Topshop via Victoria's Vault // Heels: Public Desire //

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inspiration | Who, Where & Why

As a lover of fashion and experimenting I do enjoy observing other people's way of styling themselves and it really brings inspiration on how I style myself. This can be from scrolling endlessly on social media sites, looking at other bloggers and celebrities and even seeing people on the street when in town; I honestly wouldn't hold back asking there certain pieces of their outfit is from or even complimenting them. So on this post I feel I should share some of by style icons ands where I find my inspirations.

Samantha Maria -
Definitely one of my favourite bloggers and probably the one blogger who actually got me into blogging, formally known as 'BeautyCrush' Sammi has her own individual style that I love and personally is similar to mine. She inspires me so much as she's petite like me, same-ish skin colour and isn't afraid to test the waters of her style. I've watched her on YouTube for so long and she always helps and motivates me with so much and I have always loved her videos, total style icon to me.
Yanin Namsonthi -
Another one of my favourite bloggers with a particular style I love, I wouldn't know what I could categorise it as but it's just hella cool and edgy. It's the complete opposite of girly, it's involves very minimal pieces and she has such a different vision of how to style them, like her outfit choices I wouldn't think about combining them together but she makes it work with like everything it gives me such inspiration of trying different stuff out.

My god, this girl SLAYS at pretty much everything, if you follow me on Instagram or any social media you may know I am a hue fan of this lady, her red carpet looks are always amazing she isn't afraid to try new things out with her look if that's with her hair or her fashion, she is definetly one of my top style icons.
Kylie Jenner
You cannot deny how incredible this woman's style is, I've liked her from her early teens, but the older she's gets the more stylish and bolder her fashion is going. I love her street luxe style she goes for probably the most but if I'd love to share styling tips from her, maybe just her wardrobe whilst I'm at it.

Social Networking Sites
Media is the perfect way to get inspiration for clothing without completely stealing someone's style. My main three forms of social media I use for inspiration is Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest; Instagram is great to see a range of people's style with clicking on hashtags and following style profiles. Tumblr is great if you follow the right people if you're looking for inspiration, I go on archive mode and my screen is full of so much fashion I just reblog everything I like but it's mainly fashion base and everything I reblog is based on the fashion. Pinterest is also just as good as both of them put together, I have a board full of inspiration and I mainly use it if I got a new piece and don't know how to style it, that is the perfect way, you'll see as well on my style posts I make little mood boards at the bottom of my posts.

Hopefully by reading this you may have in common some of the style icons I look up to as your own, found some new people to take tips of their style for and find new ways of accessing fashion. Who are your style icons?

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

First Time For Everything

As a young and fairly new blogger, I've still been awaiting for any opportunity to really put myself out there and I had my chance recently. I got asked by my local television station if they could interview me talking about my blog and the current Christmas trends, literally I never felt so happy about being sited with this opportunity I had to take it. It was my first ever interview and I wasn't as nervous until I was informed it was being aired on the county freeview station that very night, but however I go through it and talked so much me and the presenter nearly got into over time.

As obviously not everyone has freeview or knew about it so I am happy to share my interview with you all now, I think my nerves got the better of me and you can tell in my body language but you got to keep in mind it's my first ever time doing something like this and you got to start of somewhere to get the hang of it. It was an amazing experience however and the other two girls Sarah ans Patty were fabulous.

Would like to thank That's Lancashire for this one more time and I really hope you'd invite me again for any other fashion talks.

(May not be so relevant since this was filmed back in December but do watch and enjoy)
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

1 Year of Blogging

I actually can't believe it has been a year of blogging for me, wow. I remember the days before I began telling my friends that I am going to make a blog, giving them the URL to my first introduction post. It shows how time flies and this is time just to reminisce about what's happened throughout.

I came into blogging lost and very cautious of what over people would think of me doing something like this but now I feel like I've gained so much confidence and want to explore deeper into the world of blogging. I remember when I was showing samples of clothes I've make and contemplating starting a small business, now there isn't time to make clothes but doesn't mean I'm completely stopped at that, just need to get into the rhythm and who knows maybe DIY with Toni will be making a comeback. Instead of me listing out small things lets play a game of Q&A with myself to see what's the perks and best things so far and what is there to see in the future of my fashion blog.

So what has been the best thing about blogging this year?
That has to be  getting the confidence to finally express myself to everyone. Corny I know but I've experimented more with fashion and found an identity and a personal style within my blog.

What has been something you wish to improve in your blog?
Easy, being consistant. I wish I blogged more over the years, my drafts have been crazy and I've let them stay because of time not to take photos or bloggers block. However I feel like that will change within my upcoming year of blogging.

Favourite & enjoyable post I've done?
There are a few, I personally enjoyed creating the Royal Ascot x Farfetch post as it was a great collaboration and personally had fun creating the looks. My favourite outfit post may have to be the Pink Yeti, new hair and the coat is my favorutie thing ever.

Are you thinking of rebranding yourself this year?
Personally yes, I want a name for myself by actually coming up with a new blog name instead of my name, so far I have PETITEAFCHIC which highlights the fact I am a small girl the 'AF' for my Afro (which is still currently hibernating) and chic is just to show a part of my style, also it roles of the tongue well. However I don't know what else it could be so that's currently on the drawing board.

Are you thinking of changing the style of your blog a little bit?
Most definitely, I want to improve the layout of my blog make it more professional, I'm thinking investing into a layout or even finding someone to help create myself mown personal layout. I want to also incorporate more travel and photography's posts as well and even more beauty but I will have to see what happens in the rest of the year.

What's the next big thing for you?
I have seriously been debating with creating a YouTube, I enjoy filming and editing a lot so I may se that to my advantage. I've been told I'll be good with it as well with all my enthusiasm but I know my speech is terrible but that could be something I can work on if I go in with it, also I got a new camera which will be good for vlogging so the odds are strong. 

So happy 1st birthday to my blog, I hope it grows and becomes successful and I hope you all are as excited for what's to come just like myself.

x toni x