Friday, 27 November 2015

Cyber Weekend Party

Cyber Weekend, Black Friday, whatever you decide to call it is upon us and for most of us this year it lands on payday. It's also the time of the year we like to call "the party season" where there will be much celebration happening and partying around. We all gotta look out best for it, so I have made a wish list that hopefully will be involved in the discounts of this weekend, but which is my top party outfit picks.
Annora Plum Satin Strappy Skater Dress Image 1

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

University Hunting - Two Month Journey

Final year at college and the stressful earth to find my perfect course and university is here. All the preparation from college has lead up for some primary research of my own. As you know if you're a active reader of my blog, I am interested in doing further education but in the one thing I am passionate about, fashion (specially fashion marketing/promotion). Over September and October, I have been going to open days finding the perfect place for me, it's scary the thought of looking where you'll be situated for 3-4 years of your life, most likely away from your hometown, then again I am excited to get my independence as I become an adult. I went to 5 open days, Leeds, Salford, Huddersfield, UCLan & UCA (University for the Creative Arts). I thought talking about my first impressions and what I found out about the courses would be interesting to blog about so I hope you enjoy reading about my time exploring for my future university. 

For my first open day I had to keep my mind open and not fall to hard for a course and university straight away for the social life etc before I look at my course first. Early morning and early train but all content and chilled, we got to the university alright but got lost finding the fashion building. It's annoy how much I take in where I go to new places, touring the building when we eventually got there, I kept walking away looking around for myself. The talk itself was so intriguing and made me realise that this course is perfect with the modules and how much I can explore in and out of it and the placements options out of the country, don't get me started. I literally felt like I was at home here but it's only the first one so no committing just yet.
UCA - Rochester
An art university because I am so arty lol, but this trip was my furthest out of all five. So early morning adventures on the mega bus and straight to Rochester on the first train from Victoria. Let me tell you about the university, situated on top of a hill with the most gorgeous view; the course, it had everything like literally you have so much to learn and find your true major of promotion within fashion, I love how creative you can get and where this place could get you. It was truly inspirational, probably two main things that brought me to love this university so much, they have their own magazine being GEIST which the students create themselves and sell in cities internationally and also all the alumni who have graduated like wow I would be honoured to be accepted into such a prestige art university.

The day after Rochester, you wouldn't understand I was like recovering from the journey, me and my mother had to run to the coach station in 5 minutes from the train otherwise we'd be stuck in London for the night, transport wasn't on our side that day. But anyways local at home this time so it was okay, uclan has such a great reputation for their fashion courses and even though I want the whole university experience and move away, I would most definitely consider home as an option. I won't go too much about here, I have talked about my experience in my post INSPIRING FUTURE, however I will tell you I am spoiled for choice which path I take in promotion from this university, the promotion course itself sounded so amazing however styling is something I'd love to try and brand promotion with specializing in photography like so much option I just can't choose.
OOTD: // Top: American Apparel // Pants: Zara // Shoes & Bag: New Look //
A day to Manchester for the University of Salford's open day and it's was the only course which isn't marketing, but more photography based which is interesting and a change for my other courses, giving me a little bit of variety of choices. The only thing which really disappoint me about this day is that because my course was going to be in the new building which isn't complete yet, there was no tour around the facilities. However I have never met a more down-to-earth lecture for a course ever, even let alone the person who created the course. Enthusiastic with her passion and achievements for Styling and Image Making, I have taken a huge interest of fashion photography as a whole course.
My final open day, a little bit of relief as all this travelling every weekend began to tire me out a little but, however the one place I'd thought would be just an extra university to apply to, well let's just say they really won me over. Maybe a small town you'd think there wouldn't be much in store, you'd be surprise what Huddersfield held, the university campus was all together and was very modern as well to top it off. Going into my talk for Fashion Communications & Promotion I noticed one of the alumni is a blogger I've followed for a while, which really surprised me and she got a lot of praise from the lectures, the course breakdown ticked all of my boxes and also offered a year placement as well. There was something drawing me here which was special and I felt like I was at home.
So a crazy two months of travelling but I really enjoyed my visits to every university I went to, a lot of consideration of where will be the best place for me to study went on and is still going on. Now I have sent off my application for university, it's now the waiting game of which one of these 5 universities will be home for the next 3/4 years.

 *Disclaimer* photos are taken at UCA & Leeds facilities due to camera wiping out my other three visits
x toni x

Friday, 13 November 2015

Pale Pink Yeti

First things first, I GOT NEW HAIR! Afro is hibernating until the end of the year, but to be fair I love my hair like this so much, it won't be long after I get it taken out to get it back in but expermenting with colour, probably with a grey. 
Anyways, reading my title it can only mean one thing, MASSIVE FUR COAT. It's been featured on my winter wish list and I've admired so many from different stores but I am a proud owner of a faux fur puffy coat. So before I properly start off, I would like to thank the seller of this coat who saved me £60 on a coat. 
A very cold winter is highly expected this year, so I need a winter essential which will keep me warm and be very versatile in what to wear with, and nothing better than a faux fur coat. Literally I think they're so cute and have always been contemplating about getting one, so I bite the bullet and went for it. I would've gone for any colour, I always had my eyes on a brown faux fur coat however something about this blush pink coat just made me go for it. This is probably now the girliest item I own in my wardrobe and I don't think anything will ever beat it.
The most perfect thing about a faux fur coat is that it can make the most basic of outfits into something chic and stylish and "expensive" if you understand what I mean. My outfit is something casual featuring culottes, a velvet top & trainers, which is comfortable and practical and it's something I'd just throw on, however with this coat, it changes the looks completely giving it a touch of 'chic' and 'class'.
// Coat: Depop (H&M) // Top: Missguided // Culottes: Zara // Adidas Superstars //

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fur coat Find a great fur coat in Toronto - visit the Yukon Fur Co. at fashion, model, and fur imagefur coat/collar= der Pelzmantel /der Pelzkragen/ a fur-lined coat=  ein pelzgef├╝tterter Mantel/ fur (for clothes)= der Pelz: Fashion Blogger Vanessa Hong of 'The Haute Pursuit' debuts her collection of minimalist, yet brightly colored, faux fur coats—and they will take your fall / winter outfit game the NEXT level.:  : Fur coat with stockings and booties. Fun color!  #fur #winterfashion #hswardrobe: Anna Dello Russo | Yellow Fur Street Style:

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