Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Where Have I Been

Okay it's been at least a month since I've posted a proper post apart from the wishlist and I think I owe an explanation, so this is just going to be a open chatty post which isn't like me.
(photo from yesterday's post 'The Cape')
I think most bloggers can relate to this, it's what I like to call "Bloggers Block". Just I have wanted to be so consistent with my blogging I just want to post as often as I can, sadly I haven't been thinking straight and my ideas have been flat therefore the lack of post I am doing. I really want to grow as a blogger but it really annoys me that I can't get my mind to make a single good idea of a post to share with you all, I've had to thinking about how to go on about it and I am slowly getting ideas and plans which I can hopefully share with you all as soon as I can. 

The second thing is my Education, balancing blogging with college work is hard and especially with BTEC its constant assignments and practical work but it is also benefiting at the same time, I'm excelling and achieving high grades so it's not all doom and gloom. But it's not even college it's university as well, I have been travelling to a number of open days and already been preparing a portfolio to show, which I will be sharing in my blog when I've completed but it's just all planning for my future and that's taken some time away from my blog.

My final reason is what I am going to categories as Health, both mentally and psychically. I have been wanting a change or an improvement in myself because of insecurity reasons and just not being in a good mind set for personal reasons. I have been doing a whole range of things to get myself back on a good track, first is fitness.
I'm back playing football once again, yes I was a junior footballer, 8 years to be exact for my city of Preston. I stopped in order to get a job and because I needed to focus on my future and it really took a huge chunk out of me, I missed playing the sport so much. Now I'm playing for my college's women's team and I am loving being back on the pitch. My body has been a huge thing as well, I have been focus and motivated to go to the gym a lot now and improvements have been made, I have lost 5lbs in weight from the beginning of September, which may not seem much but is a huge difference to me and now I am seeing definition in my arms and body, I feel more alive in a sense I can do stuff I couldn't ever do before. 
Mentally I wanted to feel more happier about everything and I wanted to feel more happy and find my inner self, so I've been reaching down and exploring my Zen. I am really fascinated with Buddhism and the whole mind set so I have been like reading and relaxing myself through medication and yoga to give myself some happiness and tranquility in everyday life and it has really effected me positively.

Even though these struggles may of been in the way of my blogging, it won't stop me completely. Brace yourselves, I am ready and back to show you more of my style, knowledge, life and reach out to you all. I'm back...

x toni x

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