Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween GRWM: Ninja

It's Halloween, definitely one of my favourite times of the year for sure, just being socially acceptable to dress up in costume gets me excited more than anything else. I really like to get into Halloween and make an effort with make-up and costume, last year I went as Medusa which was pretty simple in terms of outfit but I really enjoyed doing the makeup, even though I nearly choked myself putting my fishnet tights on my head in order to get the snakeskin pattern.
By the time this is posted I will actually be dressed, partying and with new hair but hey, maybe some inspiration for next year's Halloween or any fancy dress parties since I am not doing to be too scary. Anyways I'm going as a Ninja this year, I've rarely seen people dress up as them for Halloween so it's going to be quite different, I mainly chose to be a ninja purely because all people will be seeing is my eyes. Might seem effortless since I may be working on my eyes however I have to get them as 'on point' as a possibly can. Keep reading if you want to see how I achieved my Ninja look.
FACE: I use basic moisture for my face, I don't really tend to prime and I feel just by using cream it is still effected. I start off my base with mixing two foundations, NAKED SKIN WEIGHTLESS ULTRA DEFINITION LIQUID in 4.0 and L'OREAL PARIS TRUE MATCH FOUNDATION, I mix the two together to get a luminous and natural looking face. I then conceal with COLLECTION 2000 LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and on my brow bone and blend that in to hide my dark circles and highlight certain areas. To sculpt and highlight my face I use SLEEK FACE FORM in MEDIUM but before I apply the highlighter on I use my NEW LOOK HIGHLIGHTER STICK, it really adds the glowy/strobe look.

EYES: Going into eyes the most important part of the whole ninja. I simply line my eyebrows with a RIMMEL EYEBROW PENCIL to get the shape I want then go and fill them in with my AVON EYEBROW KIT. When it comes to my eyes I use the most handiest technique, which has been my secret weapon .. tape. It helps prevents fallout to go onto your skin and gives my eyes a straight, clean line for my eyes. For the base of my eyes I used YDK from the URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 PALETTE and I completely covered my eyelids in this before I applied my colours, I then put KIKO INFINITY SHADOW 231 in my crease and blend as a transition colours for my next two colours.
PURPLE EYESHADOW APPRECIATION HERE - So for the entire eyelid I have used the combination of two purple toned eye shadows from URBAN DECAY,  the two together are a really good pair in my opinion, I used PYSCEDELIC SISTER for the outer third of my eyes as its a rich purple it will stand out very well & then I covered the rest of my eyelid with TONIC, as well as lilac the eye shadow has some blue pigments giving off a faint blue shimmer which is truly beautiful. For my wing I faintly used BLACKOUT of the Naked 2 palette on my lashline to smoke out the eye and to give a rough outline of there to apply my liner.
When it came to the eye liner I drew a line along where I placed the cellotape and I used NEW LOOK PURE COLOUR INK LINER to do so, the I went in with my MAYBELLINE NEY YORK GEL EYELINER and created a thick dramatic wing. I finished with my eyes with BARRY M FINE GLITTER DUST around the liner to give a dark glitter finish. For eyelashes I used AVON BIG DARING MASCARA on both sets of lashes before applying EYLURE No. 202 DRAMATIC for that dramatic finish.
And that's me done, for lips you won't really see them but you can not go wrong with a nude, but I'll decide later on. I really enjoyed creating this look and for someone who is very fashion focused and not beauty I hope you found this interesting and inspirational. Also should I do more posts like this? Well I wish you all for a wonderful Halloween, don't eat too many sweets and I'll leave you with this cheesy final look photo.
I will be posting loads of photos on my instagram so if you don't follow me do now: @_tonimccoy_
x toni x

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