Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kiko Cosmetics Haul

Every girl loves a good bargain when it comes to make-up and I think I have found my newest go-to brand. I don't know if I've been living under a rock but Kiko cosmetics isn't the most biggest brand out there from what I know of, but after hearing about their quality I just had to try them out for myself. I decided to create or begin to create my own colour eye shadow palette; the palette itself cost me £6.00 and the eye shadows 'Infinity Eye shadow' were £2.80 each.
208 // Mat Red
236 // Pearly Champagne
245 // Satin Mauve
258 // Mat Yellow
264 // Sparking Green
The eyeshadows are exactly how I expected, bold colours which are highly pigmented I didn't want to swatch anything just yet it all looked too perfect to use. To put into my palette I simply took it out of the packaging and placed the clics into the palette and they all have a secure fit. Ordering them first hand was hard because it was a mix of colours and no specific theme, but after all my excitement of receiving my KIKO cosmetics I just simply had to buy more shadows for my personalized palette, along with an eyeliner, lip products and a nail varnish.
207 // Mat Papaya
230 // Satin Carmine
231 // Sparkling Amaranth
234 // Pearly Wine
243 // Satin Dark Burgundy
281 // Satin Light Blue Denim
282 // Pearly Navy Blue
My colours I bought second time are more warm colours which I can mess around with my matte red colour and two blue colours which I can experiment with my violet/green colours. I will stop with the eyeshadow for a moment and have time to play with the colours I now have. My other purchase was the Taupe lipstick which has been that highly rated, such a beautiful colour with a nice creamy texture. 
I'm no make-up artist or even that good with make up so don't judge my eyes but here are two coloured looks I created with my palette.
Mermaid Lavender Eyes: 245 // 281 // 282
Grunge Cranberry Eyes: 208 // 207 // 231 // 234 // 258

I have to also quickly mention what I've heard about this brand which may draw you all in. Many bloggers/vloggers compare this make up to MAC and that's such a coincidence, because little unknown fact they are produced at the same factory so no wonder they are so simpler, the biggest pro about KIKO is the price. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KIKO COSMETICS HONESTLY, probably going to be one of the few make up brands I'll shop at.

x toni x

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