Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Slow Transition

The change of seasons fashion may take a while for most people and could be thought as quite hard, if you are not prepared. People aren't as bothered and will just re use clothes which isn't a crime, it's less hassle doing it that way, but it's not long until you've just completed getting all the summer clothes, autumn will soon be upon us. This post is more of just tips to help you get ready for AW earlier with less stress.

Not everyone is interested in fashion, but they can tell and notice the trends of the new season ahead. Look in your favourite high street store and look at their new clothes, see if there's a certain trend they follow. Looking back at the shows for AW15 Fashion Week is also a good way to show what will be in this season; I know most people don't like to follow the crowd and trends but inspiration would help you on your new wardrobe. 
Instead of splashing out your money on new clothes for every season, it's much easier to buy your basic clothing which can be worn all year round. Everyone needs a classic overcoat, preferably a trench coat which is an autumn/winter must have, the turtleneck jumper, fine knit or chunky is an essential for this season also simple basic clothing like a pair of denim jeans, a biker leather jacket, v neck top and a parka. Along with a few other items, you can simply survive the season with these pieces alone.
You don't want to be blinding everyone in neon for the winter, you need to decide what colours you're bringing to the new season and which ones you're leaving until next year. Personally neutral colours are the simplest way to go for any season, your prints shouldn't be too wild, when coming to floral patterns for example, and shades of oxblood, dark purple, lilac and dark magenta would be perfect combos. Five colours to be "trending" this season are camel, khaki, blush grey, burgundy and possibly mustard.
Stack up on tights for many reasons, if you like wearing skirts and dresses and you don't want the new season to stop you, tights can be that little layer of protection from the cold, but still make you flattering in a skirt as exposing flesh, (tights are delicate so do get a few pairs in case of holes). Over the knee socks are also perfect for autumn and winter.
It is no surprise the temperature will be low during this season, especially in the UK, simple accessories which you can layer upon outfits may be the key details to make an outfit and keep you warm and toasty. Scarfs are perfect, whether they're chunky knits or fine silk, they can build up your outfit more throughout the season, hats also whether it's a beanie or a fedora it's a perfect accessory for this season. Coming into winter, be cute with matching gloves and earmuffs if you're daring enough.
Layering is perfect tip of keeping warm and looking chic. A good tip especially for the fall is start with your darkest colour at the bottom and work your way to the top, an example could be starting with a long sleeve black top, you can layer that with a fine knit high neck top in a lighter shade like grey, then to complete the look wear a classic white blazer, sleeveless or long length.
As much as you love your peep toe sandals, they need to hibernate over this season. BOOT UP THIS SEASON. Ankle boots are the easiest style of shoe to wear within fall/winter, no matter if they're flats or chunky heel, it will be the best investment for this season in footwear. My personal favourite boot for this season is KNEE/THIGH HIGH BOOTS, I wore my pair to death last wear, it allowed me to wear miniskirts during winter as my legs are covered, and every girl needs a pair in their life at one point.

I hope these tips can help you get ready for the cold weather ahead and if you have your own method, please share below, it would be nice to see how your prepare.

* photo's below all sourced from Pinterest *
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