Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Day With Lily

Hello, I hope you are all well. I would like to start off by saying I apologize for the lack of post this month, I thought I would be more frequent but I have been mega busy with work and other stuff. I hope I will become more consistent within the second half of my summer.

Yesterday I met up with Lily from Joli House, if you haven't looked at her blog I say please do, I love her blog and her style also reading about what she gets up to and what is on her mind. It was nice to have a proper meet up with her and have a relaxing day shopping, eating and chatting. My outfit ended up being everything New Look by pure coincidence. We began the day with shopping, well if you'd call bringing in the limit of clothes into the fitting room, then buying none of them because of the price shopping, we did that for a good hour. I really liked some of the items Lily tried on, other peoples person style really intrigues me.
Whilst the weather was good we went for a little stroll around winckley square and we had some strange encounters involving a dancing taxi man who went around the square just to continue on dancing to us, however whilst finding a place to eat, walking into a bar tender training session was very embarrassing to say so myself, but we just laughed it off.
We had a very spontaneous visit to Debenhams to the Urban Decay counter which ended up into us both getting our make-up done by Melissa. The eye shadow palettes from there are like the best in the world in my opinion, but the Urban Decay Electric Palette is literally the most colourful palette I've ever seen it's on my wishlist for the next payday. We experiment with the bold colours and used the colours 'Fringe & Freak' on the eyelids, 'Jilted' under the eye and 'Revolt' at the inner corner of the eye. You don't see much people with colour eye shadow around but with this palette is the perfect kit to brighten up your face.
Outfit Details:- Blazer, Cami Top, Ripped Jeans, Block Heel Sandals

x toni x

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