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This is another post far out from what I usually do, but yet again is something completely relatable with what I talk about on my blog. It's coming up to my end of my first year college and as you may of known I currently study Creative Media at a BTEC Level. People may think doing BTEC isn't a lot of work because they don't do exams and is all a breeze, but it comes with a lot of coursework and hard work to get a high grade. I've had a love hate relationship with my course over my time at college, however I think recently it has been brilliant with the assignments we've been currently getting (practical obviously, essay writing of the bane of my life).
My next step after college is to go to university to persuade a career around the media of fashion and my latest project was right up my street. I could take this opportunity to make a fashion magazine yet add evidence to my portfolio I am currently building. A cover, a feature article and editorial of your choice all to feature into a magazine out right now. Because of my feature article being based around women's football (which I did at the beginning of the year) I was limited on what fashion magazines I could do.  My choice of magazine was ELLE, I chose this magazine because I could fit my article in the Health & Fitness section and base my editorial and cover on fashion. 

My perfect opportunity to experiment with fashion photography this project; I was cross between 3 ideas, my first one was to take full advantage of my work at do a New Look advert styling myself outfits with the top trends at my work, even though I wouldn't be able to keep all the clothing on the shoot it will actually be good to see if I can style clothes. My second idea was inspired a shoot I was in for someones final project in their fashion styling course, of outfits based of three block colours and create a small look book consisting of the colours, I'd probably go for blue, yellow and black.
However my third choice and the one I used for my project is my own interpretation of the 'Hello Meet' American Apparel campaigns.

In this case meet my boyfriend Jonny, who was the model for my editorial. In my written evidence I talked about the concept of the photos with the advertisement as well as bringing out the clothing. I took the photos myself which I am very proud of because the photos came out better than expected, I surprised myself if I am honest. Maybe fashion photography is a call for me, i don't know we'll have to wait and see; but besides the editorial I had to create my front cover as well which again I took the photo of and created it to look like a real issue of ELLE magazine, well an attempt.
The Joomag link is HERE if wanting to see my magazine in a digital format along with my feature article on women's football. Please check it out I would love to hear your opinions on my coursework, it has been the best assignment yet, I wish we could do this more of this.
A contest yet also an assignment. In my course we focus around TV & Film and in my latest 'Video Skills' assignment we were told to make a 60 horror film based on the opening of a story. Honestly when I got this task I was dreading it because horror is my weakest spot in genres because I can't watch through 60 minutes of a film, so how was I going to do 60 seconds. It wasn't until my lecture said it will be entered into a competition for the chance to win a Go Pro, I got on board to take this short film seriously. My chosen opening from a choice of nine was "DON'T BE SCARED OF THE MONSTERS, JUST LOOK FOR THEM. LOOK TO YOUR LEFT, TO YOUR RIGHT, UNDER YOUR BED, BEHIND YOUR DRESSER, IN YOUR CLOSET BUT NEVER LOOK UP, SHE HATES BEING SEEN.It was hard to plan how I could pull this off, however I made a mood board of ways to present this opening and trialed and errors with a few ideas until I got to my final take.

My original plan was to follow the story starer and base it in a bedroom and shoot the whole thing in one shot, it would've been a Point of View so the camera is the eyes of the actor. The plot was to wake up from a bag dream, switch on her bedside lamp and her slowly say the sentence; in each place she looks for the monster. It would end with her going back to bed, hearing thuds above her and slowly looks up to face this purple eye monster which would've fallen on her. Honestly didn't know how the ending would've been executed, it would've been a lot of post production work which I wouldn't know how to do. So on to the next idea...

When saying my final idea to my peers and friends, they compared it to the Blair Witch Project which honestly I've never watched until the previous day. I completely interpret the story starter away from the original setting and took it outside, making it a monster mystery. Plot is simple, a guy who is documenting his time in the woods is talking about his second day alone without his friends who are "lost", before signing off he hears a snap of the twig and follows the noise to find a note on a tree with directions of where his friends are. This is where the story starter sentence is used... I won't continue on with the plot but you must understand what goes on and I don't want to give you any spoilers. I will admit my entry was completely rushed because every time I schedule to film, something always came up, but however I personally think it is good, maybe not worthy of winning the contest but a good attempt of horror short film, as it's my first one. 
*disclaimer: video will only be up on my youtube until 08/07/2015 so watch quick until the video is gone.*

x toni x

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