Saturday, 13 June 2015

Inspiring Future

Future is scary, however it's so exciting thinking where you could be in a couple years and imaging so many scenarios of where you will end up and finding your true calling; and being a college student being forced to think about my future so soon I can only think of what can get me successful and how will I get there. Back in March I talked about if it's too early to think about the future (POST LINK HERE) and now I begin to spectate for myself what it takes to get to the top.

Fashion is a career for me in some way and I want to learn and see for myself what it case to get to the top. I am lucky to be living in a city which is one of the top universities for Fashion courses and to have my mother as a link, I got the chance to visit the private viewing of all Fashion/Art & Designs exhibition. I had an opportunity to get dolled up for the occasion finally could wear my nude pointed pumps.
Outfit Details: // Sleeveless Blazer: Topshop (Bought on Depop) // Top: Missguided // Trousers: ASOS // Clutch: Wonderland Vintage // Shoes: Public Desire //

First stop of the evening was to an award ceremony where my cousin was nominated for a prestigious award for his work in animation, was a big category sadly he didn't win but after the awards it was on to the exhibitions. First was to the animation to watch my cousins work and from having a 3 month unit at my college, it was good to see someones work who's been doing the course for 3 year, not being biased or anything but it was amazing.

But the main reason of going was to see the courses I was interested which was the fashion related courses. I think I got some strange looks from the other spectators because I was taking it all in, the work displayed was absolutely breath-taking. Speaking to one student about her final piece in her Fashion Design work and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, she was telling me that she was the first person to ever do what she did from the university; if only I had that original creativity like the students I would totally apply for fashion design.
The main course I waited for and walked up flights of stairs in uncomfortable shoes (I don't think pointed courts are for me) is fashion promotion/styling. The exhibition was beautiful of the fashion photography campaigns, sketchbook portfolios and fashion films it looked incredible and really inspired me, I had a lot of ideas of what I could do if I got into this course. I also personally talked to the students who have just finished the course about their experience through the 3/4 years and it was all positive and genuine I felt like I got more of an understanding of the subject through the students.

Looking through, this exhibition its probably just as good as any open day and has made me decide what course I want to do. After exploring through all courses I have found the one I am set on and I am clear of where I want to end up doing what I'd love. Anybody who is reading this who is wanting a career is fashion/fashion marketing, after talking to the students and course leaders I highly recommend to check out UCLan has it is highly praised and can get a good job offer at the end of it. I am considering moving away from my hometown for university, however this will be my back-up plan and a pretty good back-up.

x toni x


  1. working in fashion would be so cool, these designs all look awesome! you look amazing as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. I was so overwhelmed walking around looking at them all. Truly amazing pieces of work. Thank you, lovely x

  2. Your outfit looks so amazing! I love it!
    I'm going to be studying fashion design womenwear as a degree this year, i just finished my foundation in fashion and textiles at Ravensbourne University. Your doing the right thing by going to these exhibitions and open days, you need to see everything first hand and speak to the students and lecturers. xx

    1. Ravensbourne is actually an university I've had in mind for Fashion Promotion. I really find the open days/exhibitions useful and inspiring with all the amazing works from the students. Thank you x x x