Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Fine Details

When it comes to the patterns on clothing, detail is key especially when it comes to items of crochet and embroidery pieces. It makes me appreciate the people who design these clothes more and how much time and effort goes into each piece of clothing. Going back to the Met Gala of 2015, take a moment to remember Rihanna's magnificent gown, no matter how many egg/omelette edits it was by far one of the looks of that evening.
[photo sourced from tumblr]
Fact of the day: Rihanna personally searched herself “Chinese Couture” on the internet to find herself this assemble, the striking dress was made by designer Guo Pei. That’s not even the best thing about it, it took one seamstress 2 YEARS TO MAKE, that bit right there made me appreciate this dress a whole lot more, every detail was done to perfection by one woman, absolutely incredible.
I wish I was like Rihanna and can type up simple words on the internet to find exquisite designs, but instead I result to my high street where I love my bargains. I love the fine, intricate detailing of this tunic I discovered from New Look, literally the day it got stocked at my work, half of them were sold within two hours no exaggeration. But who can blame them with such a stunning piece of clothing like this, such a perfect and effective item for your summer wardrobe. Paired with lace up sandals and a small fringed bag, this outfit will be lovely for any summer day.

// Bardot Tunic: New Look // Lace Up Sandals: Primark // Bag: H&M ///

x toni x

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  1. Love the fringe bag, this is perfect outfit for a festival too! x