Friday, 3 April 2015

Pay Day Blowout & Life At New Look

I apologize for my blogging absence, I've been working all week I haven't had much free time to get blogging but I have loads to talk about. It's been payday this week for and even though I've been underpaid due to tax, it isn't going to stop me shopping. And no where better to go than spend than work. Benefits of working in retail is the staff discount, which in this case is 50% OFF! Basically my wages are wasted here but I don't regret as I can't complain if I don't have new look clothes for work.

(Why do I always get caught touching my hair)

In all honest truth I was going to save up this month there are too many nice clothes i just can't fight the temptation and buy them. Out of all of them, my personal favourite is the White Crochet Trim Kaftan, which is featured in the Holiday Shop. The cover up grabbed my eye and I have been admiring ever since it was in my store, this piece wouldn't just be for the beach, I would style it up for a hot summers day and a festival (coincidentally the summer festival I am going to is sponsored by New Look, may even get a shout out). Everything else are just basic items which are essentials for building summer outfits. Next on the pay day list...SHOES.

 Culottes and Split Side Tee a simple yet effective casual look. Bought these culottes last payday, however I've not featured them yet but was the key reason I bought the top so I can make an outfit with it.

I have been a Sale's Assistant at New Look for over 7 months now and honestly it's the biggest love hate relationship I will ever have. The hours can be a down point because the duration of my shifts are never good they all drag, also on busy days you get the customers that drive me insane and are rude to me. However, I do love my job! Being a good samaritan helping those people who don't explore enough into fashion and experiment with them choices of outfits and outfit build, if only there was promotions for personal shoppers that would be my calling. Also most staff are enjoyable to work with, without that I would've quit my job within the first month.

*all items from new look*

x toni x

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