Friday, 10 April 2015

Beach Day

It has only become spring, but it feels like summer has come 3 months early. Us Brits get extremely happy for the slightest bit of sunshine and basically roam around practically naked, I wouldn't dare get my legs out in shorts just yet. Anyways I needed to take advantage sooner than later because knowing the weather it could be raining tomorrow for all we know, so a trip to the beach was in order. I can feature my first person on my blog, Beth! We worked together in New Look when she was a Christmas temp but she's left me and now I never see her, so days like today was a perfect opportunity to catch up.
Today has been fun, we became like hyper children in the arcade in the pier, totally in our elements on the dance mats, had a few hours on the beach itself catching the rays of the sun and eating at a beautiful chippy. I also had chance to test out my Fujifilm Instax 120 and I love the Polaroids we captured today.
I have been waiting to wear this dress for so long, I will never get out of my dark clothing just yet but this beautiful lace black maxi dress was in the Urban Outfitters sale and been waiting under a year to wear this.

 // Dress - Urban Outfitters SALE // Shoes - Office // Sunglasses - Topshop // Hat - H&M //

x toni x

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