Monday, 27 April 2015

Back To The Sewing Board .. Part Two

So after what I thought was a promising start of making my first dress which took a blow, there was no messing around with my second attempt of making the bodycon twisted halter dress I originally intended of making. This time I will match the demands by buying the right colour of fabric and the amount needed. My chosen fabric is a red spandex with a silky effect which is absolutely GORGEOUS (I don't think I can emphasize that enough) which is what I wanted and is the perfect material as it is stretchy yet so rich.
Unlike last time I didn't spend all one day doing this piece I took days on and off to complete it, I've been moving my work upstairs and downstairs but need to a secure spot however I was hoping that today I could finish it. I brought my auntie around who has always been a good guide for me to check and she noticed that the stitch setting were all wrong, so it was a big time to start over. I was proud though because until that moment I did everything myself  it was all straightforward however the halter part was a little complex for me.

For an amateur sewer who does this as a hobby, I am extremely proud of myself  with this piece and I am happy my friends liking it so far and the compliments I've been getting is really tempting me to start making to sell on DEPOP. Please also check out my INSTAGRAM where I post my fashion inspiration and designs which may soon becoming more frequent if I start taking this more seriously and professionally. (there's a photo of IDRESSMYSELFF on and she replied to it, I was literally jumping with joy she noticed me)

x toni x

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