Monday, 27 April 2015

Back To The Sewing Board .. Part Two

So after what I thought was a promising start of making my first dress which took a blow, there was no messing around with my second attempt of making the bodycon twisted halter dress I originally intended of making. This time I will match the demands by buying the right colour of fabric and the amount needed. My chosen fabric is a red spandex with a silky effect which is absolutely GORGEOUS (I don't think I can emphasize that enough) which is what I wanted and is the perfect material as it is stretchy yet so rich.
Unlike last time I didn't spend all one day doing this piece I took days on and off to complete it, I've been moving my work upstairs and downstairs but need to a secure spot however I was hoping that today I could finish it. I brought my auntie around who has always been a good guide for me to check and she noticed that the stitch setting were all wrong, so it was a big time to start over. I was proud though because until that moment I did everything myself  it was all straightforward however the halter part was a little complex for me.

For an amateur sewer who does this as a hobby, I am extremely proud of myself  with this piece and I am happy my friends liking it so far and the compliments I've been getting is really tempting me to start making to sell on DEPOP. Please also check out my INSTAGRAM where I post my fashion inspiration and designs which may soon becoming more frequent if I start taking this more seriously and professionally. (there's a photo of IDRESSMYSELFF on and she replied to it, I was literally jumping with joy she noticed me)

x toni x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Knitwear X Lace

Just a quick post of me experimenting winter with summer, I say you can never go wrong with oversized clothes. It may be getting warm but in England, there's always change of the weather not going the way we expect. This bodycon lace skirt is midi but long enough to wear as a bandeau dress, but as I am not a fan of exposing my belly in tight clothing, styling it with a chunky knit can just bring it more comfort and as a casual outfit.

//Chunky Jumper: H&M // Lace Skirt: ASOS // Adidas Superstars: Footasylum// 

x toni x

Friday, 10 April 2015

Beach Day

It has only become spring, but it feels like summer has come 3 months early. Us Brits get extremely happy for the slightest bit of sunshine and basically roam around practically naked, I wouldn't dare get my legs out in shorts just yet. Anyways I needed to take advantage sooner than later because knowing the weather it could be raining tomorrow for all we know, so a trip to the beach was in order. I can feature my first person on my blog, Beth! We worked together in New Look when she was a Christmas temp but she's left me and now I never see her, so days like today was a perfect opportunity to catch up.
Today has been fun, we became like hyper children in the arcade in the pier, totally in our elements on the dance mats, had a few hours on the beach itself catching the rays of the sun and eating at a beautiful chippy. I also had chance to test out my Fujifilm Instax 120 and I love the Polaroids we captured today.
I have been waiting to wear this dress for so long, I will never get out of my dark clothing just yet but this beautiful lace black maxi dress was in the Urban Outfitters sale and been waiting under a year to wear this.

 // Dress - Urban Outfitters SALE // Shoes - Office // Sunglasses - Topshop // Hat - H&M //

x toni x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Missguided X PrettyLittleThing Wishlist

Online shopping is amazing.. if only I had the money to buy the clothes I wanted. This is just a quick post on what some nice selection of clothes from my two favourite online sites, Missguided & PrettyLittleThing. There isn't particularly a theme, however I have a lot of 70's style pieces with a slight bohemian style in there, along with other gorgeous items.
Missguided Picks
Pretty Little Thing Picks
x toni x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Back To The Sewing Board ... Part One

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you've all had a good day stuffing your face in chocolate eggs and what other Easter traditions you do. My day has been pretty productive; I am a little gutted that I have been so occupied with college and work and other commitments that I've neglected making clothes, but now it's time I make my comeback. After watching The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC 2 (such a great show), it's given me inspiration to get up from my bed and make some clothes, the question is what?!

As a lover of the internet I have taken a great look on YouTube to browse at DIY videos on making clothes and I thought I try something I know I wouldn't wear myself. The bodycon twisted halter dress is a fabulous outfit to wear on a night out and evening events I just had to have a go at making one (video link of dress here).
I've chosen a metallic grey lycra material to give compliment to the skin and the fabric is just beautiful. However when I bought this material I didn't take into consideration how much metres of fabric I needed and it turns out I didn't get enough. But that wasn't going to stop me, I may as well make midi skirt out of it. Following the pattern and with the assistance of my auntie I made a simple skirt which took 1 hour to complete. It is pretty simple to make but is good practice for when I make the dress I intended.
I am hopefully going to complete the dress by the end of this holidays, I will keep you updated on how it turns out. I have also created an INSTAGRAM for you to check out my designs and fashion inspirations. If you are intrigued on how my designing journey is going please follow and as soon as I am comfortable I will start selling them on DEPOP.

x toni x

Friday, 3 April 2015

Pay Day Blowout & Life At New Look

I apologize for my blogging absence, I've been working all week I haven't had much free time to get blogging but I have loads to talk about. It's been payday this week for and even though I've been underpaid due to tax, it isn't going to stop me shopping. And no where better to go than spend than work. Benefits of working in retail is the staff discount, which in this case is 50% OFF! Basically my wages are wasted here but I don't regret as I can't complain if I don't have new look clothes for work.

(Why do I always get caught touching my hair)

In all honest truth I was going to save up this month there are too many nice clothes i just can't fight the temptation and buy them. Out of all of them, my personal favourite is the White Crochet Trim Kaftan, which is featured in the Holiday Shop. The cover up grabbed my eye and I have been admiring ever since it was in my store, this piece wouldn't just be for the beach, I would style it up for a hot summers day and a festival (coincidentally the summer festival I am going to is sponsored by New Look, may even get a shout out). Everything else are just basic items which are essentials for building summer outfits. Next on the pay day list...SHOES.

 Culottes and Split Side Tee a simple yet effective casual look. Bought these culottes last payday, however I've not featured them yet but was the key reason I bought the top so I can make an outfit with it.

I have been a Sale's Assistant at New Look for over 7 months now and honestly it's the biggest love hate relationship I will ever have. The hours can be a down point because the duration of my shifts are never good they all drag, also on busy days you get the customers that drive me insane and are rude to me. However, I do love my job! Being a good samaritan helping those people who don't explore enough into fashion and experiment with them choices of outfits and outfit build, if only there was promotions for personal shoppers that would be my calling. Also most staff are enjoyable to work with, without that I would've quit my job within the first month.

*all items from new look*

x toni x