Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Pants Conversion

If you could ask anyone I know, they would say that I'd never wore pants half a year ago and would always wear skirts no matter what weather condition. But my collection of trousers are growing massively. From the skinniest of jeans to the baggiest of pants, all colours and styles. But I can easily vote that high waisted trousers rule all out, compliments my figure well especially it hides my tummy which I am very conscious about. A beautiful thing about trousers is that they make me look taller, as being 5ft and all, I use to think that pants made me look short, but on the contrary the photos I take in my pants I look like I've at grown 5". However very rare places do trousers for petite girls so I result to online shopping and hope for the best.

These pair of trousers caught my eye for the style also the price as American Apparel was having a 90% off sale I just couldn't say no. However if thinking of buying they've gone back to the original price, luckily the day after I purchase them. The colour I thought was just going to blend with my skin but on the contrary I love it, these chino coloured trousers are the most perfect fit and personal favourite to wear. I wouldn't even mind paying full price for all the other colours, they are totally worth it.

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