Monday, 19 January 2015

Designing Day

Most teenagers my age go through an experiment stage with fashion and choice of clothing, but with me I want to take it a step further and make my own clothes. As I think fashion is becoming a big part of my life as I want a career in the background of fashion and that, I think making my own clothes is an invented way to experiment and make some extra money on the side.

I have made in my past, a two-piece, two kimonos (one for a present for a friend) a bralet and a circle skirt, and with the compliments I get I have thought of making so much more, so as I have a "study day" on Monday's I dedicated it to making new pieces of clothes.

So today, with the assistance and guidance of my Auntie I have created a A-Line tartan (Burberry style skirt) and it has come out well but believe me it wasn't easy getting it to be as good as it's come out as. As shamefully it is to say I am a perfectionist as it come to certain stuff and the slightest thing that didn't please me I just had to start over. But the process took overall 4 hours including time for a little McDonald's break.

There's a lot that goes into making clothes and I have anticipated this throughout each new piece I make, but it is all time consuming but you get the results you want and question people what high street store you have bought it from. But after all that concentration and time you have yourself new clothes you can be proud saying you have made yourself.

x toni x


  1. I really really like this skirt! I'm surprised more teenagers don't make their own clothes tbh, it's great having stuff that's different to everyone else's. :) Looking forward to seeing what else you make :D
    lily x

    1. only seen your comment now my apologies, thank you lily, i am planning of new things to make and have been asked to make this skirt for a few people who a willing to pay which is huge for me:-) x

  2. I think we should make a little film about you making something McCoy!! Looking all professional, making me wanna make my own blog. Keep it up bro

  3. Still awaiting on this film yano, now you're now in the big leagues of filming. Thanks bro.